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Identity Theft Protection

protect your data

Maintaining your account’s safety and security is a top priority for Prospectors FCU. We will continue to do everything we can to protect you and your information. Fraudsters are cleverer than ever, using new technology tactics to try and extract personal information from you. Please be on alert.

Look out for the following:

  • Scammers may appear to be calling from a Prospectors FCU phone number
  • Fraudsters may ask various questions about your accounts or transactions
  • Be wary of calls you receive, versus you reaching out to the credit union
  • If they are asking for your log-in credentials – DO NOT provide them
  • If they are asking for your multi-factor authentication (MFA) codes, DO NOT share them

Be cautious when receiving any calls that ask for your personal information; it’s better for you to initiate the call to the credit union directly.Remember, Prospectors FCU Representatives will NEVER ask you for your log-in credentials or MFA codes. If something doesn’t seem right, hang up and call the credit union back by going to our website and finding our number under the “Contact Us” link. Do not use links or numbers provided to you within the body of an email asking you to validate information. Do not use numbers or websites provided to you by the person contacting you for information.

Visit our IDIQ page to learn more about protecting your identity

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