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At Prospectors – We innovate –  You Prosper!

Exciting News! This April we launched our all new, vastly improved Home & Mobile Banking platform.

Added Security – This new platform will come with many new security features and enhancements.  For enhanced security, we are asking our members to re-enroll with a new username and password.  Once you reestablish your access, you will be able to set your mobile devices with touch I.D. and facial recognition. These features will make it easy to use and add an additional layer of security.

All your accounts in one place – Once you are in your account, you will see that we are now ‘Single Sign-On’ enabled, which allows you to see all your accounts at Prospectors at once.  You will be able to view balances, scroll through transaction history, transfer money from account to account, turn Debit and ATM cards on and off, and make or schedule bill payments.  These enhancements will give you complete control of your finances at Prospectors.  You will even be able to pay bills or schedule recurring monthly payments such as mortgage and car payments when you use the on-line platform from your computer.

All new Web Bill Pay – For members with checking accounts we are adding mobile app functionality so that you can pay bills with your mobile devices with just a few clicks. We will be helping members re-establish their payee accounts on this new Web Bill Pay platform and contacting you directly by phone and mail to help with this transition.

State of the Art Voice Recognition – Also new is our artificial intelligence voice app named ‘Joy’.  Joy is like Alexa, only more advanced.  Using this feature will literally be like having a conversation with your account.

On-line Loan & Member applications – Using your ‘Mobile App’ you can apply for a car loan right from the dealership or if your computer is more your style, you can apply right from the comfort of your home.  Have family members who want to join?  They can open an account from any web enabled device in just a few minutes and make the minimum $265 deposit at the same time.

Mobile Check Deposit – Do you have a check you need to deposit?  No need to make a trip into the branch – you can deposit it straight into your account using our ‘Mobile App’.  Just use the Remote Deposit Feature on the app – snap a few pictures, and you’re done.

Integrated ATM locator – And, if you need an ATM, there’s a locator tool for you too.  Just type in the zip code of the area you need and find the location nearest to you.

Coming Mid-April – All these changes will be here soon so you can stay on top of all your accounts at Prospectors 24/7 with just a few clicks. Watch for updates in the mail and on-line at

Don’t have on-line banking at Prospectors? Click the Login button on our Home Page and enroll today!.

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